We are a Microfinance institution providing financial
and related non-financial services to micro, small and
medium entrepreneurs in Tanzania as they run their
income generating activities.



Greenlife microfinance is a microfinance institution that legally operates in Tanzania under the regulation of the bank of Tanzania (BoT) which is the nation’s central bank in charge of regulating the country’s financial industry. The institution was registered in the year 2014 under that the Tanzania company ordinance act 2002. Currently run under sole proprietorship ownership model, Green life microfinance is one of the largest microfinance institutions in the northern zone of the country which comprises of three regions of Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara, having disbursed over 15.8 billion Tanzanian shillings (over 6.3 million dollars) over the last three years to the financially underserved groups who are otherwise unbankable. Of the total number of clientele served over the last three years, 41.7 percent are female and 58.3 percent male clients while the youth forming 47.9 percent of the total clientele. Green life microfinance commands the largest market share in the Arusha region. However, due to significant number of interests from clients from other regions of the country showing interest in our loan products especially the agribusiness loan product, Green life has set up ambitious plans to very soon reach out to more financially underserved people by scaling up our successes to other regions of the country.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability issues are at the core of our business operations and decision making. At Green life microfinance, sustainability issues are given a substantial amount of attention when appraising loan applications in that we ensure that in addition to analyzing client’s business viability, client’s lives (people), environmental health (planet) and the business ability to generate returns (profit) are all carefully taken into consideration in line with the triple bottom line approach.

To be a strong and reliable financial intercessor (intermediary) in Tanzania

To consistenty deliver the excellent lending services to all economically active people

  1. Accountability

  2. Transparency

  3. Self-improvement

  4. Integrity

  5. Innovative

  6. Teamwork